Testing e-commerce sites for usability

Overcrowded pages


Poor product descriptions

Difficult check-out


Charging for shipping

No zoom-in on products


Ineffective search

Poor images


Only one image view

Confusing navigation


Too many categories

Click on the buttons below to learn how to analyze sections of e-commerce sites.

Fromm Pet Food: Good UX!

Easy navigation

User knows what the site sells

Good product photos and easy to see prices

image of page on Fromm pet food website showing product selection

Herman Miller: UX needs work.

Too many categories make for confusing navigation

Various levels of navigation is too complicated

Non-common lingo used

image of page on Herman Miller website

Macy's: Good Product UX!

Product pages show multiple views of item

Has a zoom feature

Provides full product details

image of page on Macys website