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Name three ways to improve form fields.

  • clearly label each field and explain their meaning
  • explain format needed for entry
  • Do not use captchas

  • Shoppers are not getting past the home page. What is one possible reason?

    Shopper can't figure out what the site sells.

    Mobile users are abandoning the site. Give a possible reason.

    The site does not have a product zoom feature.

    Give a reason why shoppers can't locate your products.

    The main nav menu does not display product categories.

    Give one reason why shoppers get frustrated with shopping carts.

    The quantity of products does not auto-update.

    What is one major reason why visually impaired shoppers may abandon your e-commerce site?

    Screenreaders are unable to read the site.

    What is the meaning of the P.O.U.R. acronym?

    Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust

    Name the standard rule set that defines what makes a website accessible.


    What is alt-text?

    A text tag added to your image code that describes, exactly, what the image is.

    Your site has high cart abandonment. Give some reasons for this.

    Credit card validation errors
    Difficult flow through the payment form
    Appearance of shipping charges

    Name one major reason customers leave a site without purchasing.

    Inability to find what they want due to a poor search feature.

    What is the name for a useful site tool that helps users keep track of their location within the site?